Cumbria Microlight Training (CMT), based at Carlisle Airport teach students to fly Microlight aircraft of both the flexwing and fixed wing configurations. Students need no prior experience of flying or any special equipment to start their course of training. 

With more than 3,000 microlights flying within the UK today, they form the largest single group of light aviation aircraft in the UK.

Fixed wing or flexwing, microlights bring you as close as is possible to a bird's eye view of the countryside. With the ability to fly slowly at low altitude, you'll get a unique open air view of the countryside.

And it get's better.

Training costs to gain a licence to fly microlight and ultralight aircraft is a fraction of the costs to gain a Private Pilots Licence to fly general aviation fixed wing light aircraft.

PLUS. once you've got your licence in your hand, you can continue to fly because rental and owner options are realistic, achievable and maintainable.