CMT charge £120 per hour for flight training. Included within this price is the use of a CMT flying suite, helmet and headset, scarf and gloves. Priot to each training flight a pre-flight briefing is conducted at no extra charge to the student pilot. All aircraft are fully insured.

The total anticipated costs to gain your licence is ultimately based on your aptitude and personal progress. You will have to complete a minimum of 25 hours to gain your licence. If this was the case, the total cost of flight training would be £2750. Being realistic you should budget for approximately 5 additional hours due to training days lost to bad weather.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you may need to purchase some reference books in order to pass the required ground exams. However most of this material is available within the club free of charge.

Ground school tutoring for exams is available at a nominal charge of £10 per hour and accessible as often as you require.

Once you have gained your licence there are various option available to you.

  • Purchase your own microlight (some great deals to be found)
  • Join a syndicate who own and operate an aircraft
  • Hire an aircraft from CMT
Microlighting is globally recognised as one of the safest and most cost effective means of flying for fun.

Personalised gift vouchers are also available.